Friday, October 5, 2007

Cafe Indigo

Cafe Indigo
128H Hall St
Concord, NH 03301
603 224 1770

Ever since trying Cafe Indigo's awesome carrot cake a MyThai in Boston, I couldn't wait to visit their restaurant and bakery in New Hampshire. I headed up north for work last week, so I finally got the chance.

Getting to the address was easy, finding the cafe was a little difficult for me. It is a few blocks of industrial looking strip malls and they are in the back. Fortunately, once you step inside it is rather cozy.

They had a number of baked goods on display and all of the staff was very friendly. I placed an order to go and then wandered around a bit to look at the pastries and bread and read some of the signs. They have a small fridge with some take out foods which is where I was very excited to find some Sheese, the vegan cheese from Scotland. If you've been looking for a local place that carries it, Cafe Indigo is it!

The ToFishy sandwhich I had for lunch was delicious. The home made bread was incredibly good. Later after my long drive home, I tried the grilled seitan wrap. It was also very good. Of course, I had to try a slice of cake. My choice was lemon poppy seed as I hadn't had it before.

The cake itself was mighty tasty. I personally wasn't a huge fan of the frosting. Though lemon fans would love it.

Cafe Indigo also sells their baked goods online. I've tried quite a few of the cakes in Boston and they've always impressed. Even my non veg friends love them.

Plenty of parking is available in the lots around the restaurant.

"ToFishy Sandwich"

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