Saturday, October 6, 2007

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly
447 Route 1
Kittery ME 03904
207 865 6006
*Also has a Freeport, ME location.

When Pigs Fly bakery is not 100% vegan, but all of their breads are made sans dairy. You may find a few with a honey and some artisan breads have eggs, so check the ingredients which are listed prominently on signs above each loaf.

As you walk inside the store, you'll be amused to find tables filled with baskets of bread and bags waiting for you to pack some up and take it home. There are wicker baskets by the door to carry with you. All the staff are smiling and helpful. A table towards the back of the store has one of each loaf available for sampling. They are more than happy to slice your bread for you, before leave. My favorite breads are the "Sicilian Green Olive with Hot and Sweet Cherry Peppers", "Cranberry Lemonade" and Chocolate. The garlic and sesame rolls are also mighty good.

They also carry Happy Bean vegan cookies. Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of them. They are a little on the crunchy side for me. Tshirts, mugs, bread mixes, jams, jellies, and various other items are also available.

Check out their website to order bread to be delivered to your house.

A few photos from the store:


Jenna said...

The chocolate bread is delicious and the ...what was it, southwestern, I think... the southwestern went really really well with the chili I made the other night.


Though, the raspberry/blueberry/lemonade attracted fruit flies.

The olive bread almost made me like olives. Almost.

The tomato bread was too tomato-y but might have been good toasted with some kind of concoction melted on top...I'm thinking garlic/basil/sun (or oven) dried tomaties/"cheese" ... mmm...

Unknown said...

Some of the artisan breads are made with eggs, so make sure you look out for this too.

Unknown said...

Some of the artisan breads are made with eggs, so be careful of this as well.