Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nice Slice Pizza

Nice Slice Pizza
267 Thayer St
Providence, RI 02906
401 453 6423
**Updated Post June 2013**
Sausage Special with Chipotle Pesto
(vegan sausage, mushrooms, onion)
Nice Slice is not 100% vegan, but most pizzas, sandwiches and calzones can be made vegan. They use a mix of Follow Your Heart and Veganrella mozzarella cheese. Vegan options include veggies and mock meats such as pepperoni featured on the Phoni Roni.

Their ginormous pizzas are made on a whole wheat thin crust. Some vegan options from the menu: Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Bounty Killer (hots, sausage, pepperoni, meatball), Earth Crisis (tomato, artichoke, spinach, olives).

They sell whole pies and by the slice. If they don't have a slice of what you want, they will usually cook up a whole pizza so you can buy just one piece.

The store is small with just a couple of tables and lots of funky artwork.  There's also posters up about local happenings.  If you are trying to get a feel for what to expect, check out their mission statement.

"Our mission: To Serve You Pizza and preserve Thayer St's status as a haven for intellects and counter-cultural weirdos."

They are open late, until midnight!  In the summer you can sit outside at a small steel counter and people watch to you heart's content.  You never know what you'll see on Thayer St.

I feel it is a public service to let you know how amazing their chipotle pesto sauce is.  Add it to almost any of their pizzas to elevate the flavor to a new level.  Nice Slice is by bar my favorite vegan pizza in New England!

If you are thirsty, they also have an amazing array of ice cold drinks.  Many are in glass bottles, which we often carry home to recycle as Thayer Street doesn't have a recycling program.
On street parking only.

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Cadry's Kitchen said...

That is one tasty looking pie! How awesome that they have such creative vegan options.