Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's Only Natural (ION) Restaurant

It's Only Natural (ION) Restaurant
386 Main St.
Middletown, CT 06457
860 346 9210

ION is mostly vegetarian with one seafood entree on the menu. The majority of the menu is vegan or can be vegan. They have daily specials that are usually pricey, but worth it as they are creative dishes that you may not get to try again. One of the little things I love about ION is the freshly brewed iced teas they keep on hand like earl gray or bancha. Ion also has a veg wine/beer/dessert menu.

The restaurant itself is bright and decorated with local art that is for sale. They have take-out options and a cookbook for sale.

The sweet potato fries and cajun tempeh are my favorite items on the menu.

A public parking lot is available behind the restaurant and street parking is in the front. Ion is in the back of the Main Street Market. Toward the front of the Main Street Market is the It's Only Natural Market which is worth checking out if you are there. They sell locally made tofu and lots of other great stuff.

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